Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, is reaching out to industry stakeholders for valuable input on its recently introduced Anti-Money Laundering System (AML). The ‘goAML’ service, an integral component of the system, is designed to identify potential concerns and subsequently alert the Money Laundering Secretariat.

Upon receiving a notification, the Money Laundering Secretariat initiates an investigation, choosing an option from a drop-down list that best correlates with the identified issue. However, operators and industry entities currently have only one available indicator – “money laundering through gambling.” Recognizing the broad nature of this statement within the diverse gaming industry, stakeholders have raised concerns about its effectiveness.

In response to industry discussions and collaboration between the Money Laundering Secretariat and Spillemyndigheden, the decision has been made to solicit input from the broader gaming sector. This collaborative effort aims to gather diverse perspectives and insights to refine the goAML indicator list, providing more nuanced and specific options for identifying potential money laundering activities within the gambling sphere.

It’s important to note that the goAML indicator list is distinct from the list directly utilized by the Money Laundering Secretariat, which focuses more broadly on determining whether the issue pertains to money laundering or terrorist financing.

Spillemyndigheden has invited industry participants to contribute their suggestions and recommendations by sending them to the Danish Gambling Authority at hvidvask@spillemyndigheden.dk before the deadline of 5 February 2024. The subject line should read ‘Input for indicators.’ All proposals received will be forwarded to the Money Laundering Secretariat for evaluation of their potential implementation.

In a related initiative just before the start of the new year, the Danish Gambling Authority launched a campaign targeting individuals under the age of 18, leveraging the use of a comedian to raise awareness around responsible gambling practices. This multifaceted approach underscores the Authority’s commitment to ensuring a secure and transparent gaming environment in Denmark.

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