In a significant move towards enhancing responsible gaming practices, the Dutch Gaming Authority has initiated a consultation process on its updated Responsible Gaming Policy Rules. Released on 22 December 2023, the new policy rules aim to provide additional clarity on the duty of care and address amendments to advertising regulations.

The decision to update these policies was prompted by a September report from the Ksa, which conducted a survey among ten gaming providers to evaluate the interpretation and implementation of the duty of care. The findings revealed that providers often fall short in shaping the duty of care appropriately, such as delayed intervention in cases of immoderate play or potential addiction. In response, the Ksa committed to revising the Responsible Gaming Policy Rules to elucidate certain open standards in legislation, enabling providers to better fulfill their duty of care. The revised policies are now open for consultation with stakeholders, including addiction experts and gaming providers, who are invited to provide feedback on the feasibility of these proposed rules.

Key highlights of the new policy rules include a requirement for providers to promptly recognize signals of immoderate gambling within an hour. This aligns with the findings of the study, which noted that many providers fail to monitor in ‘real time,’ leading to delayed responses and substantial player losses within a short timeframe. Additionally, if a player deposits more than €700 net in a calendar month (or €300 for young adults aged 18-24), the provider must contact the player and request proof of earnings before permitting further deposits. Only the funds already present in the account at that moment can be used for playing.

Furthermore, the updated policies address the prohibition of using role models and untargeted advertising. Specific attention will be given to advertisements targeting vulnerable groups, such as minors and young adults, while restrictions on using role models for promotional activities will be reinforced.

The Ksa has set a deadline of 1 February 2024 for stakeholders to submit their responses during the consultation period. The aim is to publish the new policy rules in the Government Gazette by 1 April, signaling a commitment to strengthening responsible gaming practices in the Netherlands.

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